About Us

Head to Feet Safety is headed by an Engineer. His terrible experience with a pair of Safety Boots on the rig is the motivation behind this site. 

As inevitable as Safety Clothing is, a poor choice of size and or quality for your work environment can leave you with severe discomfort and regrets of poor value for money.  

We are here to help you make the perfect choice. Our detailed reviews of safety boots and other components of your Safety Clothing are designed to overcome the difficulties associated with choosing the perfect pair.

We give our best to ensure you get maximum value for money on your most comfortable Safety Clothing.

We answer your questions about Safety Clothing and review Work Boots, Hard Hats, Hand Gloves, Masks Etc for Engineers, Medical,  Fire Fighters and other Professionals. 

We participate in certain affiliate programs including Amazon Associates, and are compensated for referrals. These compensations do not constitute any additional cost to you. 

Check our Education section for answers to your questions and read through our Reviews and Top Lists to aid  you as you make your choice of Safety Clothing.