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Best Timberland Work Boots - A Detailed Review

Updated: Mar 10

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This post takes you through a detailed review of the best Timberland Pro Work Boots and answers you questions about Timberland.  1. Timberland PRO Men's Boondock 6' Composite Toe Work Boots 2. Timberland PRO Men's 8" Rigmaster XT Steel-Toe Waterproof Work Boot  3. Timberland PRO Men's Direct Attach 8" Steel-Toe Boot
Best Timberland Pro Work Boots

This post reviews the following Timberland Pro Work Boots.

1. The Timberland PRO Men's Boondock 6' Composite Toe Work Boots

2. Timberland PRO Men's 8" Rigmaster XT Steel-Toe Waterproof Work Boot

3. The Timberland PRO Men's Direct Attach 8" Steel-Toe Work Boot

4. The Timberland PRO Men's 95567 Endurance PR 8" Work Boot

5. Timberland PRO Men's AG Boss Pull-On Alloy-Toe Waterproof Work and Hunt Boot

6. Timberland PRO Men's Helix Wellington Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot

Before we go into a review of each Timberland Pro Work Boot in our top list, let's go through a brief history and provide some background information about the Timberland company and its Pro Work Boots.

You may skip these and scroll down to the individual Timberland Pro Work Boot review section.

A brief history of Timberland

A dream that started out in New England when Nathan Swartz started buying shares in Abington Shoe Company has grown to a house hold name across countries and continents. In 1952, Nathan Swartz bought shares in Abington Shoe Company, a company which specialized in the manufacture of Work Wear in New England with a primary focus on making genuine waterproof leathers. Overtime, He bought sufficient volume of shares and gained control of the company. With his former training in shoe making, he became instrumental to the companies continued innovation. Fast forward to 1965, the injection molding technology was born allowing Abingnton to fuse rubber soles to upper leathers without stitching, This gave the truly waterproof connections that was so needed by the New England community because of its extreme weather conditions. In 1976, Abington Shoe Company. launched the Timberland Waterproof Boot in a variety of colors; the yellow design being the most popular among working men. This is considered the beginning of what is now known as the Timberland Pro Work Boots. The rising popularity of the Timberland waterproof boots was so significant Abington Shoe Company was officially renamed Timberland in 1978. The company continued to grow its production as sales increased tremendously across North America and Europe, starting from Italy. While Timberland remains a solid brand designed for the protection and comfort of hard working men and women, the brand has other designs for everyday use as an addition to your fashion sense. Today, it is brand known, practically, in every home. However, this growth has attracted the interest of mischief makers that flood the market with fake products tagged Timberland. Be careful when you shop for your Timberland Work Boots.

How to Identify original Timberland Pro Work Boots

Original Timberland Pro Work Boots come with the following special features that stand them out from fake products. Because mischief makers continue to attempt getting close enough to the original products. You must pay attention to all the features listed below to improve your chance of getting original products. If you have a doubt over a product bearing the Timberland name, you may contact Timberland directly to verify if the shop or online store offering the product is authorized to sell Timberland products. The official Timberland website has a shop locator that can easily confirm weather or not a particular store is authorized to sell Timberland Products. Always buy form authorized dealers.

Features that identify original Timberland Pro Work Boots

1. The work Boot Box. Original Timberland Pro Work Boots come in a sturdy box with the brand name printed on the side and top of the box. Pay attention to the correctness of spellings on the box and the location of the Timberland logo on the box. Spelling errors will be a first indication that what you have in your hands is a fake product. An original Timberland box will usually have a label that contains such information as the size, the color and the style of the Work boot it contains. Stay away from the purchase if any of these is missing.

2. The stitching: Timberland is a master in the business of Work Boots production. The stitching of Timberland Pro Work Boots are known for perfection and consistency in the length. If you see any irregularities in the pattern of stitches or the inconsistencies in the spacing between neighboring lines of stitch, you are most likely not viewing an original Timberland Pro. In addition to this, a brand new original Timberland Pro Work Boot should not have any pulled stitches anywhere around the boot.

Fake Timberland Boot with irregular stitches

Fake Timberland Pro Work Boots often carry a barcode on the tag hanging on the eyelet, Note that printing barcodes on eyelet tags is not a Timberland practice. It maybe common with other Work Boot makers but not Timberland. When you see this, be concerned about what you are about purchasing.

3. Timberland Tree Logo – Once you have confirmed all the original signs, identified above, go ahead and inspect the Work Boots. The next thing that should capture your attention is the Timberland Logo otherwise called the Timberland tree logo.

Original Timberland Pro Work Boots should feature the tree logo on the outside of the heel region and under the outsole. If your pair comes with an insole, the tree logo should also be inscribed on the heel area of the insole. Check the logo for errors. Common errors to watch out for include:

The ‘’R’’ on the logo has a distorted circle around it The lines below the tree in the logo are irregular in spacing and in shape. In addition to this, ensure that under the sole, one circled ‘’R’’ symbol is located close to the tree logo and the other in the Timberland Logo box just above the little space between the last ‘’N”’ and ‘’D’’ in the spelling of Timberland. Any irregularities, is an indication of a fake product.


The Timberland Company is dedicated to producing top quality work boots and takes measures against counterfeiting as a way of protecting you the customer. It runs an intensive global anti-counterfeiting Enforcement programs to continuously combat this problem. The company has established partnerships with government agencies including the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and consumer protection agencies to combat the counterfeiting challenge. In addition to this, the company employs the services of investigation agencies and law firms to protect her brand and customers from fake products. The company also invests in campaigns that train people and law enforcement agencies on how to identify original Timberland Products.

For details of how to identify fake products and what Timberland is doing about counterfeits, see the company's website

TIMBERLAND’S LIMITED WARRANTY. What you gain when you buy Original Timberland Work Boots

The Timberland Warranty is an expression of confidence in the quality of material and excellence of workmanship that go into the manufacture of Timberland Pro Work Boots. An assurance of quality for rugged Work Boots, designed to last a minimum of 12 months. The following is a break down of the warranty that covers your original Timberland Pro Work Boots. I. Original Timberland Pro Work Boots are warranted to be non defective both in workmanship and material for the first 12 months after purchase. This warranty however does not cover normal wear associated with usage. It also does not apply to defects arising from a customers misuse of the product nor neglect or accidents. II. It is important to note that your work Boots lose their warranty coverage, if you give them to unauthorized professionals for repairs.

III. Products purchased from unauthorized dealers are not covered by the Timberland warranty

IV. Timberland does not ship directly to correctional facilities. This means that if you are an inmate in the United States, you will need to use the address of a relative to receive your repaired or replaced work Boot from Timberland. The challenge however is that, you most likely will not be able to receive this product from that relative because of restrictions in the correctional facility. V. You are not require to register your Pro Work Boots with Timberland to access the warranty coverage. However, an authorization number is required for all Canadian Warranty claims. You will need to contact the Timberland team to receive this number if you are based in Canada. VI. To access your Timberland Pro Work Boots’ warranty, email the following to customersupport@vfc.com

· a completed warranty form, available from Timberland’s website · Photograph of Internal tags showing style number and size

· A picture of your Work Boot in its entirety · A photo of the bottom of your work boots’ soles showing tread, · A picture of the defective area · A proof of purchase within 12 months from an authorized dealer or seller

How Does Timberland Pro differs from the Normal Timberland Boots? Timberland PRO vs. Classic Timberland

Imagine getting into a Timberland shop and wondering what differences exist between the classic Timberland and the Timberland Pro Boots. Challenging right? Making a choice of one timberland boot over another is already challenging enough with all the extensive variety of boots made by Timberland. Well, the company isn’t slowing down yet and more products await us in the coming years. We believe an understanding of how Timberland Pro Work Boots differ from the classic Timberland Boots will guide you to the right choice as your head out to that neighborhood shop or online store.

Timberland PRO Boots are made specifically for Working Professionals. In fact, the Pro in its name is short for professional. They are made to keep working men and women safe and comfortable working long hours on their feet. Rugged design and amazing quality for all weather. They are tailor made to meet the challenges of weather and peculiarities of such work environments as the construction, manufacturing, warehousing, public safety, industries etc.

They are the proper Timberland Safety/ Work Boots designed to meet the safety regulations required in job sites- the original vision of the Nathan Swartz.

On the other hand, Classic Timberland Boots, are designed for everyday wear. They are waterproof and offer some degree of protection sufficient for light jobs but are not designed to meet the safety regulations required on typical work sites.

What features Distinguish Timberland PRO Collection?

All Timberland shoes and boots offer some degree of waterproofing and are designed to survive in rugged terrains. However, the Timberland Pro Work boots, go a step further in terms of protection and the amount of the comfort they give wearers. Lets look at the special features that are built into this collection of boots that stand them out as a top choice for hard working people.

1. Waterproofing 2. Traction 3. Anti-fatigue Technology 4. Metatarsal guards 5. Safety Toes Caps 6. Puncture-resistant midsoles 7. Anti-static outsoles 8. Electrical and thermal insulation


Timberland Pro Work Boots are made with waterproofing materials that remain breathable. They are designed to keep your feet dry while you work long hours in challenging weather and environments. While this is true in most cases and the leathers remain water resistant, you may experience leakage after a period of usage and in environments with higher amounts of water than the boots are designed to withstand. Regular care and treatment of your Work Boots will keep them waterproof for a longer time. Regular Timberland Boots rate lower on waterproofing.


Because Timberland Pro Work Boots are designed for abusive work environments including slippery and wet surfaces, their outsoles are designed to offer exceptional grip on surfaces. This way, they keep you protected against slips and falls while you care about getting your job done. This property is enhanced in Timberland Pro collections but also built into the regular Timberland Boots. A regular Boots might get you through snow, if you are careful with your steps but will fail if you are up and about on your feet doing some work or lifting some loads on job sites.

Safety Toe Caps

Safety toe cap is a regular feature of most Timberland Pro Work Boots. Note howver, that not all Pro Boots have a safety toe cap. Pay attention to the boot’s description before buying. It should tell weather or not the pair comes with safety toe caps and what kind of toe cap it carries.

Certain Jobs require compulsory use of Work Boots with Safety Toe caps. Some specify Steel Toe caps while some job locations are more friendly to composite toe work boots. We recommend reading Steel Toe Vs composite Toe Work boots for a good understanding of the differences between these options. Timberland Pro has a third safety toe option, the alloy toe Work Boots featuring lightweight, military-grade aluminum strength. The non safety toe cap designs are more referred to as Soft Toe Boots. They retain the other properties of the pro boots but do not qualify for use in environments with exposure to falling objects and possible feet compression.

Timberland Pro Work Boots meet ASTM F2412 - Impact Resistance requirements for work boots

Anti-fatigue Technology

If you are familiar with Work Boots and being on your feet long hours, you definitely know the value of anti fatigue technology in your work boots. The timberland Pro Work Boots are designed to not only protect but to cushion and return energy to your feet and keep you going an entire work day. This is achieved through the Anti-fatigue technology built into a conical geometry in the polyurethane midsole.

Electrical and Thermal Insulation

Do you work in a high voltage location, love the Timberland brand and wondering which to buy? The Pro collection, provides you good insulation to keep you protected from electrical hazards. They do this with the thick insulating rubber out-soles that comply with all electrical protection safety standards required by OSHA. In the Timberland Thermal Force Work Boot, you gain excellent thermal insulation that ensures your feet stay warm in the winter.

In summary, the Timberland Pro Work Boots are what you should go for if you are considering purchasing timberland boots for Work. The normal Timberlands will serve your fashion requirements and daily use but are not enhanced for the challenging situations you meet at work.

Timberland pro boots come with a 30-day comfort guarantee. This means that if you buy any Timberland PRO Work Boot with exclusive PowerFit comfort system or anti-fatigue technology and don’t think they are your most comfortable pair of work boots, you reserve the right to return them to Timberland with a dated purchase receipt for a full refund within the first thirty (30) days of owning them.

You can find a full list of the supported Timberland Pro work Boots here

What are the Best Timberland Pro Work Boots in 2020

We now arrive at the climax of this post. This section reviews the best Timberland Work Boots available in the market. It will be updated from time to time to reflect prevailing market realities.

All Timberland Work Boots are built to last and provide protection to the working men and women but some features stand some designs out.

We review the best Timberland Work boots to help you make the right choice. Pay attention to the details on safety features and performance and durability.

1. Timberland PRO Men's Boondock 6' Composite Toe Work Boots

The Timberland PRO Men's Boondock 6' Composite Toe Work Boots is our top pick of Timberland Pro Work Boots.

We have dedicated an entire post to the review of this masterpiece by Timberland detailing its features, design and performance.

Note however, that this design is a Composite Toe. This is important because some job sites specifically require the use of steel toe boots. If that is your case, look further in our list for what suits your job description.

Otherwise, read our full review of the Timberland PRO Men's Boondock 6' Composite Toe Work Boots via this link.

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2. Timberland PRO Men's 8" Rigmaster XT Steel-Toe Waterproof Work Boot

Timberland PRO Men's 8" Rigmaster XT Steel-Toe Waterproof Work Boot is built to overcome the extreme conditions encountered on drilling rigs. They provide industrial traction and extreme slip resistance in an often oily environment and combine anti-fatigue with shock-diffusion technologies for enhanced performance. In addition, they are built with premium waterproof leather and abrasion-resistant Ever-Guard leather uppers for durability. The upper section is joined to the sole by Goodyear Welt Cast-Bond construction that offers durable chemical and mechanical bond; another feature that ensures durability.

With Ankle Support features this Timberland Pro Work Boot is also a good fit for construction and manufacturing workers. Built for the rig and easily meets safety requirements of most other job locations.

Safety Features of the Timberland Pro Rigmaster Work Boot

1. Steel Toe caps

2. Anti-slip out-soles

3. Premium waterproof leather and Waterproof membrane

4. Padded top collar that offers additional comfort and enhance ankle support.

5. Anti-Fatigue conical midsole, featuring polyurethane material

6. Electrical Protection : Designed to meet ASTM F2412-11, ASTM F2413-11 and ASTM F2892-11 standards for underfoot protection against live wires and electrical contacts.

Reinforced outer for abrasion resistance, out-sole designed for slip resistance.
TimberLand Pro Rigmaster Work Boot showing the grip features of the out-sole, finger grip and a glimpse of the padded collar of the Work Boots.

Durability and Performance of Timberland Pro Rigmaster Work Boot

The Timberland PRO Men's 8" Rigmaster XT Steel-Toe in addition to protecting your feet from impact and compression, protects you from electrical hazards. The abrasion resistant guards on the outer ensures that your work Boots remains durable even if your job involves kneeling on hard surfaces.

They come in a lace up design but offer a unique finger grip pull-on feature that ease the processing of putting these pair on.

The above said, if you intend to use them in extreme cold winters, we recommend getting a size that would allow you combine your boot with a pair of thick socks. this way you get maximum protection from the cold.

Timberland PRO Men's 8" Rigmaster XT Steel-Toe Work Boot have Antimicrobial treatment for boots odor control and enjoys over 70 percent five star review on Amazon and over 80 percent of respondents on Timberlands own website willing to recommend this pair to others at the point of writing this review


Enhanced safety features

Enhanced comfort


Good value for money

Boot smell control

Easy to break in


1. Does not come with matertersal guards.

2. Sizing challenges.

Need more information about this work boot? See full review

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3. Timberland PRO Men's Direct Attach 8" Steel-Toe Work Boot

The Timberland PRO Men's Direct Attach 8" Steel-Toe Work Boot features 400 grams of insulation to keep your feet warm in harsh work environments, a safety toe cap, inbuilt anti-fatigue technology and thermolite insulation a padded top collar, Timberland PRO 24/7 Comfort System and waterproof yet breathable material to keep protected and comfortable on the job

Safety Features of Timberland Pro Direct Attach Work Boot

1. Steel toe cap

2. Protection against electrical hazards

3. Thermal Insulation

4. Padded Top collars for additional comfort

5. Anti- slip out-soles

Durability and Performance

The Timberland PRO Men's Direct Attach 8" Steel-Toe Boot is packed with safety features and inbuilt Timberland PRO 24/7 Comfort System to ensure you safety and enhance your comfort.

They are comfortable and remain durable in manufacturing, construction and several other industries.

The above said, note there are several complains online suggesting that the laces that come with this boots are short.

The Timberland PRO Men's Direct Attach 8" Steel-Toe Boots run small and narrow in size for most persons. A half size larger is just good enough for most persons.


Enhanced safety features

Enhanced comfort


Good value for money

Boot smell control

Thermolite insulation

Relatively light and Easy to break in


1. The run small and narrow(sizing can be challenging)

2. Laces are not long enough

3. Very basic pair of insoles

4. Not the perfect pair if you will be bending and kneeling over concrete and other hard surfaces as they lack outer leather reinforcement

See full review for more information.

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4. Timberland PRO Men's 95567 Endurance PR 8" Work Boot

The Timberland PRO Men's 95567 Endurance PR 8" Work Boot comes with a steel toe cap and a steel flex plate for protection against impact and puncture built into an oil, slip and abrasion resistant rubber sole.

They come with a pair of removable insoles and an inbuilt anti- fatigue technology for additional support while you get the work done.

Safety features of Timberland Pro Men's 95567 Endurance Work Boot

1. Steel Toe Cap

2. Electrical Hazard Protection

3. Steel Flex plate for protection against puncture

4. A heat resistant out-sole that combines anti slip, oil and abrasion resistance with a ladder grip design

Performance on the job

In this design, Timberland attempts to build amazing comfort into good but not perfect durability. You can expect roughly 9 months to one year of constant use on the average.

But you can bet on this for extreme comfort. Remember that you feet comfort is a major factor in your safety at work.

It provides aggressive traction in mud, snow on ladders and roofs allowing you concentrate more on the job.

Timberland PRO Men's 95567 Endurance PR 8" Work Boot is waterproof and reinforced on the toe and heel areas to protect the leather form abrasion


Great traction/slip resistance.

Puncture resistance.

Awesome for ladder stability.

Electrical insulated sole.

Extreme comfort

Easy to break in


Heavy Work Boot

The inner padding around the ankle rips rather early

For further information, See full review


Timberland is an established manufacturer of work boots known for high quality boots. Not the cheapest work Boots in the market but definitely work the money you spend on them. From protecting you to keeping you comfortable, Timberland Pro Work Boots will not fail to stand out in performance.

Consider getting a pair on Amazon or from your neighborhood shop.

Let us know your experience with Timberland Pro Boots in comment.

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The Best Timberland Pro Pull On Work Boots

1. Timberland PRO Men's AG Boss Pull-On Alloy-Toe Waterproof Work and Hunt Boot

The Timberland Pro Men's AG Boss work Boot , according to TimberLand Pro's own review, they are specially designed for people working in Agriculture and livestock industry. This however, does not make the work boot non effective in other work locations where alloy toe boots are allowed.

This Work Boot meets both the US and Canadian safety measures for work boots to ensure protection against impact, compression and electrical hazards.

The Timberland pro synthetic sole and the electrical resistant leather combine to make the work boot perfect for your safety against electrical hazards.

The Timberland Pro Men's AG Boss Work Boot is both waterproof, slip resistant and resistant to oil. It comes with antimicrobial treatment for boot odor control in addition to offering protection against blood borne pathogens. With the two straps either side of the work Boot, you have less struggle pulling on this pair.

Safety Features The Timberland Pro Men's AG Boss Work Boot

Safety toe shaped on TiTAN last for roomy fit

Non-marking oil, slip, resistant outsole for fall protection

Padded top collar provides additional comfort

inbuilt anti-fatigue technology to return energy to key zones of your feet.

Let's look at the performance and functionality of the work boot.

Performance and Functionality

The Timberland Pro Men's AG Boss Work Boot is a great choice if you are an agriculture or livestock worker. But that's not all. If you work in wet locations, stand long hours and a steel toe cap is not a compulsory choice, this work boot will be just good enough for you. With the waterproofing of the boot, the slip resistance and upper collar padding, this Timberland Pro Work Boot gives you the required protection and comfort to go all day on challenging job locations.

This Timberland Pro Work Boot fits well on most people with little break in time. It comes with Timberland's iconic anti-fatigue technology designed to return energy to key areas of your feet. It also features a temperature regulating technology to keep the temperature of the inside stable in changing external conditions.

On the downside, the tabs on the very top of the boots may cause some skin irritation if you have large calves. A knee high socks is usually a good enough remedy to prevent this Work Boot from rubbing your skin and causing you discomfort.


Fit for purpose in several temperature conditions

Meets safety requirements without compromising comfort

Slip and abrasion resistant outsole

Comes with timberland anti-fatigue technology and anti-odor treatment

Covered by Timberland Pro 12 month warranty

Padded top collar


The upper part will rub against you legs if you fail to wear a knee high socks.

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Discover Pull On Boots with Ankle Support

2. Timberland PRO Men's Helix Wellington Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot

If you are considering a water proof, oil, heat and slip resistant Slip On Work Boot, Timberland PRO Men's Helix Wellington Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot is worth your attention. This pair meets the demands of protecting your feet from injury and the weather while improving your comfort and balance in the work place.

This Timberland PRO Work Boot has been around since 2012 and continues to satisfy workers' needs with less 20 percent of all buyers reporting a less than three star satisfaction on Amazon.

Design and Performance

Outsole design of Timberland PRO Men's Helix Wellington Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot

The boot design incorporates anti-fatigue technology for shock absorption with a rubber sole. This ensures you have the comfort you need standing long hours while giving your feet great insulation from electricity. The rubber sole gives good traction on most surfaces including mud and snow. It includes a ladder grip design in its outer sole to keep you from slipping of ladder steps.

They hold well against water and keep your feet and socks warm and dry so long as the water level does not get high enough to drip in from the top end of the boots. They will need some treatment with time to ensure the water proof property is preserved the entire life span of the boot.

On the average, you can expect above 1 year of excellent service from this product with most owners of the pair agreeing to replacing it with same product due to the high comfort it brings.

The break in period is relatively short and you would usually have zero need of additional insoles to achieve comfort except if you have got a special feet shape.

In comparison to the Timberland PRO Men's 8" Rigmaster XT Steel-Toe Waterproof Work Boot, that comes with a synthetic sole, the Helix Wellington Waterproof makes life a lot easier if you have to take off your Work Boots at intervals during work. It eliminates the stress of making and loosing boot laces and still establishes good snugness on your feet when you choose the right size. How your Work Boots should fit provides sufficient information to help you choose the right size.

Unlike most other Slip On Boots, this design boasts a more rounded toe area than the traditional cowboy boot, improving comfort around the toe area.

Timberland makes an identical boot with a soft toe and composite toe options for those that that prefer to stay off steel toe boots.

In summary, let's look at the pros and cons of Timberland PRO Men's Helix Wellington.


1.Easy to break in

2. Water proof, Oil proof and slip resistant

3. Relatively lighter than most boots of close quality

4. As a Slip On Work Boot, it is easy to wear and pull off

5. Anti-fatigue technology that improves support and comfort

6. Durable with many users reporting up to 2 years of continued service.


1. The water and oil resistant design can cause feet sweating in hot weather

2. Does not provide perfect traction in highly slippery surfaces(easily overcome if you pay attention to your steps and pace)

3. Sizing may differ slightly from regular shoes. Stay with plus or minus 0.5 of your normal size.

4. Available only in brown and Tan Full-grain

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Recommended reading .... A comparison of Pull On vs Lace Up Work Boots.

Other Questions & Answers about Timberland Pro Work Boots

Are Timberland Pro Work Boots Waterproof?

Timberland Pro work boots are waterproof. The description will tell you what material the particular design is made of and an idea of the extent of waterproofing the boot offers. It should also tell you if it is protected with TimberDry waterproof membranes. These membranes and are made from 50 percent recycled plastic as part of Timberland's contribution to environmental protection and conservation.

Where are Timberland Pro Work Boots Made; The USA?

Timberland headquartered in the USA with over 300 manufacturing factories different countries across continents of the world. While some products are crafted and made entirely in the USA, some Timberland Work Boots are made in other countries including Thailand, Germany, Romania, Hungary, India, China, Italy, Vietnam, Cambodia and Brazil among others. Regardless of the factory location, Timberland is dedicated to making high quality Work Boots and would not compromise on this.

How should I care for my Timberland Pro Work Boots ?

You will come across many advice on how to care for Timberland Work Boots online, but we consider that Timberland's own advice is best for of them all. There usually is a care guide on the description of every work Boot on Timberland's website. When you click on the features of the work boot, you will find a subsection ''CARE INSTRUCTIONS''

How should Timberland Pro Work Boots fit?

Check out our work boot fit guide for how your work boots should fit.

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