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Lace up Work Boot Review - Timberland PRO Men's Boondock 6'' Composite Toe Work Boots

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Timberland Pro Men’s Boondock 6 inch Composite Toe Work Boot is a go to choice for feet protection and comfort if you belong to the wide feet category. It has a men tag but nothing stops a lady with wide feet configuration from enjoying the comfort that comes with this rugged Work Boot.

This Work Boot design combines slip resistance, oil resistance, electrical and thermal insulation and waterproof properties with anti-fatigue technology to keep your feet protected while returning energy to keep you going all day on your feet with great comfort and strength.

They are designed for optimal performance and comfort of your feet and legs while offering the best in Timberland PRO craftsmanship and classic styling.

The product comes with padded top collar; deep lugs on the outsoles for traction in mud and snow and features oil resistance. According to Timberland, the oil resistance is tested using EN345 TMP ASTM fuel A 7 Diesel ISO 1817 liquid for 22 hours and ASTM IRM903 & fuel B for 46 hours.

There is also an 8’’ designs in different colors. Quality and aesthetics for men that want to keep trendy even at work. Take a look at the pictures !

You may consider a steel toe option or the Timberland PRO Men's Helix Wellington Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot if your work requires a compulsory use of steel toe boots

How long are you up on your feet in a single workday? Do you have to go through metal detectors, work in the rain and wet floor or in slippery environments like Alaska’s snow?!

If your answers to the above questions or some combination of them are yes and you have wide feet, then this Work Boot deserves your attention. Read on!

Lets take the details of its design and properties one at a time.

A. Feet protection and safety

1. Safety toe design

These Work Boots come with Composite Toe caps. You may consider steel toes as a better protection but remember that these composite safety toes resist corrosion and meet I/75 and C/75 impact compression and ASTM F2412-11, ASTM F2413-11. Composite toe or steel toe? Find their similarities and differences in performance

But what stands this Work Boot out is that the composite toe design fits the wide part of the boot perfectly. They do not limit your toe room like most other safety toe boots. This design eliminates the challenge of having your feet fit perfectly into your Work Boot but your toes dig into the protective cap. The timberland Pro rubber pad on the outer sides of the toes enhances durability and resistance against abrasion.

2. Electrical hazard protection

Timberland Pro Men’s Boondock composite toe Work Boots meets ASTM F2892-11 electrical hazard standards. You can trust them to keep you safe from electrical hazards.

However, your Work Boots are not to be considered a primary protection against electrocution. Always consider them a second line of defense.

3. Slip resistance

A close look at pictures of the boot reveal that the outer sole has deep grooves. These are able to provide excellent traction even in surfaces considered slippery such as snow.

Timberland Pro Men’s Boondock 6 inch Composite Toe Work Boot is a go to choice for feet protection and comfort if you belong to the wide feet category.  It has a men tag but nothing stops a lady with wide feet configuration from enjoying the comfort that comes with this rugged Work Boot.
Timberland Pro Men’s Boondock 6 inch Composite Toe Work Boot

B. Anti-Fatigue Technology

The molded inverted cones of these boots provide support and return energy to key pressure zones of your feet to keep you going a full workday in great comfort. The cones are able to compress and rebound as you move.

In combination with the contoured insoles and sequenced inner padding of the boots, they provide maximum support to major pressure and impact points of your feet.

If you work against hard surfaces and on your feet long hours of the day, you will find extra comfort from the anti-fatigue technology built into the design of this boot.

C. Waterproofing and thermal insulation

Work Boots come with varying degrees of water resistance. However, the Timberland PRO Men's Boondock Composite Toe Work Boots come full waterproof.

The leather is specially treated and the uppers parts are equipped with a waterproof membrane. This property will deteriorate over time as the boots begin to wear. Some user record over 7 months of warm and dry feet in these boots in the rain, snow and wet floors so long as the uppermost part of the boots is not submerged in water. In addition, they are well insulated to prevent escape of heat from your feet. Exactly what you want outdoors in the winter!

You will find this useful in the cold winter but may find it a little disadvantage in the summer when your feet will rather feel hot and sweaty in your boots. A good choice of socks will ensure your boots do not stink in the summer from sweating feet.

If you want all the benefits of the Pro design in the summer, consider the non insulated option. There is also a soft toe design if your work environment does not require a safety toe boot by OSHA standard.

D. Break in period

The design of the Timberland PRO Men's Boondock Composite Toe Work Boots has a positive impact on your feet adaptation to the boots.

You can expect an out of the box perfect fit with no requirements for breaking in the boots or in some instances, a few days to a few weeks to get the boots perfectly adapted to your feet.

This can vary however if you have a special feet structure. In such situations, we recommend getting a custom made Work Boot. Comes out more expensive in most cases but your comfort is worth it.

The other group that have a tough time breaking in these boots are people with slim feet. If your feet is slim, look elsewhere. These boots are honestly not your best option. They are wide!

E. Metal Detector Friendly

if you have to go through metal detectors during work, these boots are for you. They do not trigger metal detector alarms. You can go through metal detectors with your boots on. Saves you a great deal of stress that would rather come with having to take off and re-wear steel toe boots to go through metal detectors.

Down sides of the Timberland PRO Men's Boondock Composite Toe Work Boots

The fact the boot is a great design for your protection and comfort does not automatically translate to no shortcomings.

Pay attention to the following if you are considering choosing this boot.

1. Expect to change out your insole at some point along the way

If your job involves lots of walking and standing, you should expect your boot to outlive you insoles. While the boot will outlast a year and sometimes upwards of two under hard usage, the insoles will sometimes need replacement after 7 to 9 months. This however is not a major challenge given that you can get an exact replacement from Timberland or Amazon for about 20 USD.

2. They are relatively heavy

They look heavy and do come with some weight although not as heavy as they look. This however, is compensated by the great design of the boot that ensures a return of substantial amount of energy to your feet as you walk and stand.

3. Some users experience Pain in the shin area

The two bad reviews you may find about these boots are likely from those who have experienced pain in the shin and top front foot area. The shin area pain is easily overcome by not lacing up to the very top of the boot. Keeping the topmost two lace holes free can overcome this.

4. The height of the sole may throw off your depth perception for the first couple of days. You may miscalculate heights a couple of times but you quickly adjust and enjoy the comfort that comes with this great design.

Final Words.

Timberland PRO Men's Boondock Composite Toe Work Boot is a perfect boot for wide feet that are up long hours of the day especially if you have to go through metal detectors. No wonder it enjoys high rating from users and a great repurchase rate after first use.

There are insulated designs for the winter, non insulated designs for the warm weather, Composite toe design, soft toe design, and 6’’ and 8’’ designs.

They are called men boots but if you are a lady and have wide feet, nothing stops you from enjoying the comfort and protection that comes with this amazing craftsmanship of a trusted Work Boot Maker.

We appreciate your user experience and questions in comments and if you find this post useful, go ahead and share it with your friends who might be in the need of getting their next work boots.

Think safety and don’t compromise you comfort!

Ensure you understand how Work Boots should fit before heading to Amazon to pick the perfect fit for your feet.

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