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The Best Rigger Boots With Ankle Support - A Comprehensive Review

Updated: Feb 2

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Table of contents

  1. What are Rigger Boots

  2. Are Rigger Boots Banned?

  3. How to stop Rigger boots from rubbing

  4. What are the Best Rigger Boots?

  5. Best Rigger Boots With Ankle Support

  6. Dr. Martens Icon 2295 Steel Toe Rigger Boots - A Review

  7. Apache Unisex-Adult AP305 Safety Boots Brown - A Review

  8. Scruffs Men's Gravity Rigger Boots, Brown/Tan - A Review

  9. DeWALT Men's Rigger Safety Boots DWF-50071-121-9 - A Review

In this post, we provide you a comprehensive review of our best choice of Rigger Boots With Ankle Support.

If you are wondering what rigger boots are, they are a special group of pull on o Work Boots designed originally for oil and gas rig workers. Are they the best for your job? It is dependent on your work conditions and environment. A comparison of pull on work boots and lace up boots will help you decide.

Before we give you our top list, let's answer some questions about rigger boots.

Read for the top list ? Dive into the individual reviews of the Best Rigger Boots With Ankle Support

So What are Rigger Boots ?

According to Wikipedia, Rigger Boots are a special class of pull on safety boots featuring a steel toe cap and deriving its name ''rigger'' from the fact that they were a a standard for the North sea oil rig workers. Another feature of Rigger Boots are the pull-on loops around the top of the boot's shaft. Designs for the cold winter often had and internal fur lining.

Being pull-on boots, they quickly gained acceptance among other workers outside the oil and gas industry including construction and manufacturing workers because of the advantages they have over lace up boots. These include:

1. They come with more convenience. You can literally slide you foot in and slide the boot off your foot

2. Less stitching and zero lace openings improve their water resistance

3. Offer better ventilation for your feet and reduce the chance of boot smells

4. Presents no lace associated trip and fall hazard

Regardless of these great advantages, many versions of rigger boots lacked Ankle Support and wearers were usually exposed to ankle injuries.

Are Rigger Boots Banned?

Rising complains about ankle injuries in wearers of Rigger Boots in addition to complains of poor resistance of their out-soles against puncture and piercing has prompted companies to review their policies relating to the use of Rigger Boots as safety work boots on their sites. A small group of workers also worry about the chances of harmful objects and chemical falling into rigger boots from the loose top and causing harm to their feet

The construction industry has been at the fore front of rejecting the use of Rigger Boots on their sites but there is no known government regulation banning them on such work locations.

What we are sure of is that some industries and employers have internally banned their use among their workers. In fairness to them, ankle support is an important part of what the perfect Work boot should provide. On sites with great exposure to sharp objects, a good employer wants to ensure that the feet of his employees are not getting ripped into while they work.

We advise you check with your employer or site manager to ensure you are using the right boot for your job location.

How to stop Rigger boots from rubbing

As common with most new boots, some areas of your rigger boot might be rubbing against your feet and causing you blisters.

Rigger boots and other pull on boots are usually loose around your leg and allow movement of your leg inside the boots. This can lead to a constant rubbing of your feet and leg areas around the top of your boot with the hard leather of the boots.

A good approach if you find yourself in this situation is to try out a pair of long thick socks that extend beyond the upper part of your boots.

Because blister is caused by friction from the rubbing of your feet/leg against your shoe, you can apply some lubrication around the hurting area to reduce friction. Vaseline is usually a good choice.

Five step guide to choosing the perfect work boot fit when you shop online or in a local store
How Work Boots should fit

If you have just purchased a new pair of boots with an option for return, we recommend trying them out in the evening when your feet is at their largest size. It is known that the feet swells slightly over the course of the day. Trying out a new pair at this time gives you the best idea of how you will feel in your boots towards the close of work.

Remember also that your work boots need time to be properly broken in. It is a gradual process and you need give your boots the time to take the shape of your feet.

Lubrication and a thicker pair of long socks will be immediate remedies for your rubbing Rigger Boots.

If you are considering a purchase, our post on how work boots should fit will guide you to choosing the right size of boots.

What are the Best Rigger Boots?

If you are a lover of Rigger Boots and looking for the best for your feet, you need to pay attention to getting the best quality for your work environment and work conditions.

We consider that the best Rigger Boots are those that provide all round protection. After all that is what safety boots are built for!

While all rigger boots are certified to meet regulatory standards, some fall short in providing Ankle Support and puncture resistance. Therefore, the best rigger boots are those that go the extra mile and provide good ankle support and puncture resistance without compromising any of the other features of a good safety boot.

The following section reviews the best Rigger Boots with Ankle Support. Read on ...

Recommended for you .. How Work Boots should fit

Best Rigger Boots With Ankle Support

The main argument against the use of Rigger Boots on construction sites is the general conception that they do not provide Ankle Support. While this is true in many cases, we have found some Rigger Boots that provide the Ankle Support you need. We go further to review the top performers in this category to enable you make a guided choice the next time you go shopping online or offline.

As participants in the Amazon Associates program, we have linked these choices directly to their locations on the Amazon website to ease the process of locating them if you choose to buy them from Amazon. Getting them from a local shop in your neighborhood is also a great choice if you find them at a good price.

1. Dr. Martens Icon 2295 Steel Toe Rigger Boots - A Review

Dr. Martens Icon 2295 is an industrial Work boot built for your feet protection and designed to overcome the shortcoming of many rigger boots – lack of Ankle Support.

It embeds a steel toe cap, for protection against impact and a slip resistance out-sole, for protection against slips and falls, with electrical insulation, to ensure you are not electrocuted on sudden contact with electricity, in one design.

These rigger boots are available for men in tan Greenland and black industrial greasy colours in different sizes.

Safety Features

The Icon 2295 comes loaded with safety features.

1. The steel toe cap for protection against impact,

2. Durable air-cushioned PVC sole and fitted with an EVA foot bed that are resistant to oil, fats petrol and alkali

3. Rich, water resistant tumbled leather uppers on a welted construction foot bed that offer exceptional stability and durability

4. Breathable to ensure your feet doesn’t get wet with sweat

5. Padded Ankle Support

6. Insulated for protection against electrical hazards - Standard: ASTM F2413-11 MI/75 C/75 EH


The Icon 2295 Rigger Boot is an amazing work boot built for your feet protection and comfort. The thick leather might seem tough on you at first but don’t worry about that. Take it easy and give it some time to break in and you will enjoy great comfort in this pair of Rigger Boots.

You stay protected against failing and rolling objects, stable on slippery floors with a great slip resistant out-sole without having to worry about electrocution.

The padded ankle area keeps your ankle safe from twists and ankle sprains and your feet stays dry in these water resistant boots. Expect to get a good amount of energy returned to your feet to keep you going.

On the downside, the leather covering of the toe cap are not reinforced and may wear out faster than usual if your job function requires lots of kneeling on hard surfaces such as concrete.

No wonder these pair enjoys high ratings among online shoppers with one reporting up to 14 hours of use a day with no discomfort and another and another reporting how it saved her husband’s feet from fractures in a high impact motorbike accident.

In summary, the Icon 2295 Steel Toe Rigger Boots enjoy a 70 percent 5 star rating on Amazon and a 4.8 out of five star rating on Walmart online.

How to care for Dr. Martens Icon 2295 Steel Toe Rigger Boots

This pair can pass for an easy care work boot!

You can clean them out with a wet cloth when dirty and sun dry them. To keep its shine, apply the DR. Martens wax polish(clear or colored) and brush vigorously after allowing some time.

Alternatively, use Dr.Martens Wonder Balsam if you prefer a duller look. If you are considering a lower budget option, we recommend using a mink oil to condition them to keep them water proof.

Simple right? It shouldn’t be more complicated with your work boot.

The Pros

1. All round feet protection from impact, slip and electricity

2. Breathable water resistant leather

3. Welted construction

4. Air cushioned out-sole that keeps you stable and returns energy to your feet

5. Offers great Ankle Support

6. Designed for your comfort

The Cons

1. Takes longer to break in than the average DR. Martens Work Boot

2. Toe Cap leather covering is not reinforced for kneeling on concrete

3. Difficulty getting the right size

4. Relatively expensive


The Dr. Martens Icon 2295 Rigger Boots is a great choice of rigger boots. Not one of the cheapest in the market but offers great value for money. If you find the pair in a shop around your neighborhood, we encourage you to try them out to ensure you order the right fit for your feet and compare the prize in your neighborhood shop with the prize on Amazon.

2. Apache Unisex-Adult AP305 Safety Boots Brown - A Review

The Apache Unisex-Adult AP305 Safety Boots come in brown design and offers feet protection and comfort for the working individual. As seen in the description, it is a unisex Rigger Boot.

This pair of Rigger Boots challenges the argument against the suitability of Rigger Boots for construction sites. In addition to being steel toed, they come with a mid-sole protection against puncture and a great Ankle Support. If your company and site manger permits the use of Rigger Boots on construction sites, the Apache Unisex-Adult AP305 Safety Boots will not disappoint in functionality and will not eat deep into your budget.

Available for a variety of feet sizes. Pay attention to the sizing and check out what wearers of your size say about how well they fit before making a purchase. They generally stay true to size but a minute or two on customer review will be useful.

Safety Features

1. Steel Toe cap for protection against impact of falling and rolling objects

2. Mid sole steel protection against piercing and puncture

3. Ankle Support for protection against ankle twists and sprains

4. Anti slip out-soles

5. Waterproof and breathable inner lining

Performance of the Apache Unisex-Adult AP305 Safety Boots

The Apache Unisex-Adult AP305 Safety Boots rates high on protection and comfort. Easy to break in and offers protection against slip and falls with a breathable inner lining that keeps your feet dry and prevents boot smells.

The breathable inner lining not withstanding, they are not just water resistant but waterproof holding up perfectly in muddy environments and work places involving the washing of equipment with hose water. Looking to keep dry feet while you water your garden? This pair will get the job done.

The anti-scuff toe guard is an advantage that this has over our number one choice above. This is exceptionally useful if your job involves a considerable period of kneeling. It keeps the leather covering of your toe cap from failing easily and hence, ensures your steel toe cap is kept intact.

While most users report long usage and comfort, it is worthy of note that this pair does not come with an insole. If you desire enhanced comfort, a pair of insoles will do you great good.

If you buy a size that is bigger than your feet, a pair of insoles in addition to added comfort, can save you the stress of returning the boot and the added expense.

With Ankle Support at an affordable price, this pair of boots is worth your attention if you work on construction sites and love the convenience of Rigger Boots.


1. Great protection from the combined effect of the steel toe cap and midsole protection

2. Anti-scuff protection around the toe cap makes them perfect for kneeling on hard surfaces

3. Waterproof yet breathable

4. Within Budget yet rugged enough to get the job done


1. Do not come with insoles

3. Their inner linings do not hold as much as the outer leather.


An idea of how customers rate this Work Boot.

Water resistance 5.0

Comfort 4.6

Durability 4.6

Value for money 4.4

With midsole protection and Ankle Support at its price, the Apache Unisex-Adult AP305 Safety Boots is a great choice if you are considering value for money. These features(ankle support and Mid sole protection) makes it one of the best Rigger Boot for a construction worker if your company permits rigger boots on site. Check you local shop or get it on Amazon

3. Scruffs Men's Gravity Rigger Boots, Brown/Tan - A Review

The Scruffs Men's Gravity Rigger Boots is designed with a leather upper, steel toe, midsole protection and an anti-scuff guard around its toe cap. Fleece lining, triple stitched seams and padded Ankle Support combine to offer great protection for heavy jobs including construction work. The outsoles are also slip resistant and able to keep you from falling on a variety of surfaces. An added advantage that is not obvious from its description is the fact that they stay waterproof in most work environments.

Available in different sizes in brown/tan and black colours.

Safety Features

1. Steel toe cap

2. Steel Midsole for protection against puncture

3. SRA rated slip resistant outsoles

4. Padded ankle area for Ankle Support

5. Waterproof


This pair is good for your protection, comfort and are durable. For its price, you get value for money and stay dry on muddy sites. Easy to slip into and breaks in easily.

With continued use, you might notice some degree of feet aching as a result of the slim insoles that come with the boot. This is easily overcome with a pair insoles such as the Scholl Gel Active Work Insoles for Men that provide additional comfort . They keep your feet warm and dry while the anti scuff guard around the toe cap ensures your boot is strong enough for roles that require kneeling on hard floors such as concrete. Good protection for the toe leather.


1. Great protection and good comfort at an affordable price

2. Waterproof and warm

3. Slip resistant outsoles to keep you from falling

4. Durable


1. Requires the purchase of additional insoles if you desire best comfort. The ones that come with the boots are thin and would not hold up for a long time

2. Difficulty with reattaching the upper to the soles with conventional glues once they start going apart.

3. Heavy work boots for people not acquainted with heavy boots


The Scruffs Men's Gravity Rigger Boots is worth your attention if you are a lover of Rigger boots and wish to keep your ankle protected from twists and sprains while staying safe from punctures. They keep your feet dry and warm and establish a firm grip on surfaces with their slip resistant out-soles.

Check out a local shop or Amazon for a purchase.

4. DeWALT Men's Rigger Safety Boots DWF-50071-121-9 - A Review

The DeWALT Men's Rigger Safety Boots makes our list of Best Rigger Boots With Ankle Support. Rugged and durable while protecting you and ensuring your comfort on the job. This designs comes with Brown full grain leather upper, padded cuff for added comfort and a pair of insoles.

Its description on Amazon suggests it is for men. Not to worry if you a lady looking for Rigger Boots just get the right size for you and you will enjoy same comfort. A thick pair of socks will help ensure they fit you just as well.

An exception will be if you have a specially slim feet, we recommend you consider our number 5 on this list.

Pay attention to the last digit of the model number when making your purchase. It represents the UK sizing of the boot.

Available in Uk sizes 5 through 12.5.

Safety Features

This pair comes loaded with the following safety features

1. Steel toe cap protection for protection against rolling and falling objects

2. Steel midsole protection for protection against puncture and piercing. Very useful especially on construction sites with high exposure to sharp objects and

3. Comfort insole

4. Durable Goodyear welted rubber out-sole protects you from slips and falls and from being grounded in case of contact with electricity.

5. Padded Ankle Support for protection against ankle twists and sprains


The ankle padding of the DeWALT Men's Rigger Safety Boots DWF-50071-121 series provides sufficient support to ensure you don't get ankle twists and sprains while the midsole protection keeps your safe from puncture and piercing. In combination with a steel toe, these features make for a rugged enough boot for most job sites.

May take a couple of days or weeks to break in depending on your feet but the added comfort insoles guarantee great comfort once you break in your boots. They will also keep you warm in the cold of winter.

Expect to get a good amount of energy returned to your feet to keep you going.

On the downside While you can expect to keep a dry feet in this pair working in muddy environments for a considerable number of hours, note that the manufacturer does not classify this model as water proof. The extent of water resistance the boot offers will noticeably deteriorate with age especially if you do not treat them for waterproofing.

Our verdict. They are water resistant at best but not a waterproof pair of boots. This however, does not compromise their ability to support your ankle and protect your feet.

An amazing 74 percent five star review from 125 Amazon reviews only buttresses the point of how much comfort, protection and value for money you get from this pair of work boots.

For long service, take good care of your DeWALT Men's Rigger Safety Boots DWF-50071-121 series by cleaning and treating for water resistance.

They are rugged but you need not kick every object along your way. Minimize your stay in water while working in these boots

The Pros

1. All round feet protection from impact, slips and falls

2. Added comfort insoles keep you comfortable and helps return energy to your feet

3. Provides great Ankle Support

4. Steel midsole protects against piercing and puncture.

The Cons

1. Sizing can be confusing for some persons

2. Not waterproof

3. Some user complain that while the boots are comfortable, they come short on durability


If you are looking for Rigger Boots for multi purpose use in different work locations, especially those without much water, this pair is a good option for you. It gives you the benefits of typical Pull On work Boots. Except where specific employer policy prohibits them, they offer good enough ankle support and mid sole protection for many construction site jobs.

Always check with your employer and understand the specific Work Boots requirements for your job before heading to your local shop or to Amazon for a purchase.

Final Words

From a general information on Rigger Boots to a one by one review of top performing rigger boots, this post provides a comprehensive review to help your decision making.

We have restricted this post to Rigger Boots with Ankle Support for people looking to enjoy the convenience of Rigger Boots on construction sites.

We would like to read your experience in any of these Rigger Boots and are willing to provide answers to your questions regarding Work Wears.

Get in touch with us in the comments and and remember to subscribe to our mailing list for future posts and jobs.

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